You’re Gonna Wear the Shirt of the Band You’re Gonna Go See?

You’re Gonna Wear the Shirt of the Band You’re Gonna Go See?

Don’t be that guy! I love this scene in the movie PCU where Jeremy Piven (Droz) tells John Favreau (Gutter) “You’re Gonna Wear the Shirt of the Band You’re Gonna Go See? Don’t do that…don’t be that guy!” I have a shirt for a project I am working on, that I could easily wear to an event I am hosting to promote the project that I am working on. But I am having to resist all urges to do this. And I will tell you why…for me personally…it is just overkill.


From a professional standpoint, there is nothing wrong with self promotion. If it is a worthy cause and you think it will benefit people to know about you and what you are working on, by all means promote the heck out of it. But if it is a worthy enough cause, there is a good chance people will be talking about it anyway. That is what it comes down to: attention. Which is where modesty and being humble and earnest can come into play and start the tug of war.


I have always found it tough to be humble and modest, especially when I am so excited about a project I am working on. But I am learning. I am trying to just put the positivity of action and helpfulness out there and let karma kind of take care of the rest. Honestly, I feel in the end, doing the right thing is always the right thing, and living by the Golden Rule will just always win out. I do not wear the shirt of the band I am going to see, to the concert. I’m not sure I know why, I guess it was just a coolness rule when I was growing up. And I will not wear the shirt of the project I am promoting to the event I am promoting it at…But it is ironic that while that is not generally accepted, wearing a jersey of our favorite team to a game is…just some things to think about on this Tuesday!

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