WTF is Geocaching!?!

WTF is Geocaching!?!

I am a generally open and outgoing guy. I will try just about anything, and I am always up for new and exciting challenges. Over the the last two years, I have started trying to eat better, and a little earlier this year, I have started to incorporate exercise into my routine to try to get healthier. The #FreeTheYoke #SummerOfMove competition has definitely motivated me to start getting active and being healthy. But one of this week’s challenges is geocaching. WTF is geocaching!?!


Geocaching has apparently been a thing for quite sometime. Ironically, there are likely geocaches all around you at this very moment without you even realizing it. Some of them might be in plain site.


These are all forms of geochaches. Geocaches are items hidden out in the community and then given a set of GPS coordinates by the person who hid them. The public are then encouraged to get out and walk around following their GPS while trying to find these geocaches. It is a pretty neat effort to get people out and get people moving. I have never tried geocaching, but given that I just learned what it was earlier today, and given the fact that I can gain points for Team #MQuattro you better believe I am going to try it as soon as I get home tonight.


Kids these days and their technological jargon! I am cautiously optimistic that I will not only try, but enjoy geocaching. Not because I don’t enjoy getting out and walking around and hunting for things, but because of my lack of faith in humanity and our ability to get stuff done. I foresee heading out to search for a few geocaches and having them end up removed, stolen, or lost, and never replaced, and I am walking around a field like a lost extra on a Walking Dead episode. But we shall see. Let the journey begin…

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