Workplace Injuries…Like Say…A Broken Ankle…

Workplace Injuries…Like Say…A Broken Ankle…

I am going to spare you the gory picture of Gordon Hayward breaking his ankle the other night. It is another injury not for the faint of stomach. One interesting aspect of this injury, was that it occurred while Hayward was doing his job…granted his job is an NBA Basketball player.

Workplace Injuries...Like Say...A Broken Ankle...
Workplace Injuries

The Injury

Heyward suffered the gruesome injury to his left leg in the first quarter against the Cleveland Cavilers. Heyward went to the ground after sustaining both a fracture and dislocation to his left ankle. This typically involves a break to the distal end of the fibula and tears of the ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint to the foot and possibly the ligaments that connect the tibia and fibula. Treatment of this injury will involve surgery to stabilize the breaks in the distal fibula and medial tibia with plates and screws along with possible repair or stabilization of the torn ligaments. Recovery will depend on what surgery entails but typically it will be at least 6-8 weeks before Heyward is allowed to put weight on his left ankle and several months after to recover from the soft tissue injury. Estimates on return to play are likely to be 4-6 months.

Ankle Fracture
Ankle Fracture


Many different injuries can happen at work. Some are simply accidental and unavoidable as in the case of Gordon Hayward’s broken ankle. But some work injuries can be avoided, and physical therapists can help with that. Being the movement experts they are, Physical Therapists are likely the perfect professional to help educate you and your staff on how to avoid Workman’s Comp claims. Get in touch with FGI Consulting if you would like to find out how to best educate your employees on injury prevention and wellness.

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