Workin’ On The Night Moves

Workin’ On The Night Moves

“Workin’ On The Night Moves, Tryin’ to make some front page drive-in news!” -Bob Seger

Let’s face it, some of us are early birds, and some of us are night owls. I have always been a night owl, and I get most of my creative work done late in the evenings. However, I have also had some occupational positions (caddie, starters booth, bag room, physical therapist) that have forced me into early bird status. 3am was a time once thought of as a night cap bonus, but had morphed into a wake up time somehow.

I am slowly becoming convinced in my parental years that it does not so much matter if you are an early riser or a late bloomer, as long as you get you 6-8 (7.5) hours of sleep for renewal and rejuvenation purposes. The body needs to recharge through sleep, and it truly does the body good.

Why so late bro?

So what is keeping me up late these days? Well, tonight my 11 month old son would not go to sleep. Seeing how his mother is exhausted from caring for him and feeding him all day, I figured we could take a little drive. So 10pm, we set out, drove around for 20 minutes or so, and he was passed out. Now that he was fast asleep, I could get to work on my to do list. Dissertation: check, malpractice insurance forms: check, treatment table ordered: check, internet scoured for fantasy football injuries: check.


As I mentioned, I don’t think it really matters if you like to wake up early or stay up late, as long as you get your 7.5 (sweetspot) hours of sleep in. Many of the things I choose to spend my late night hours on these days are much different than in my younger days. While they may not seem all related, they are in that they are all things I genuinely enjoy doing and should help me progress as a professional. So use your waking hours wisely, and use them to progress your knowledge, your business, and yourself. And for those of you workin’ on your night moves, enjoy this acoustic cover version of the Bob Seger classic.

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