Why Wouldn’t You Put Yourself Out There?

Why Wouldn’t You Put Yourself Out There?

Technology has made the world a much smaller place these days. Social Networks have made it possible to interact and collaborate with people from across the globe. I have had the pleasure of meeting with and working with so many wonderful people from all over thanks to technology. Back in 1997, I would never have had the opportunity to even speak with these people let alone work on a project with them.

But one of the coolest things that the internet has done is allowed me to learn. I learn from experts, great clinicians, like minded doctors, opposite minded doctors, and most importantly, patients. Social networks have literally allowed us to hop on our phone or computer and put out a mini TV show on anything we would like. If I have 100 friends on Facebook, and I know more than 10 of them on the subject of running, I can share my knowledge and thoughts on running, and hopefully, those 10 people can gain value from my post. You may not think people want to hear from you, and while not everyone may want or need to hear from you, somebody does.

The How To…

There are many methods to putting yourself out there. Written word (like this Weekday Blog I have created), auditory methods (like the Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast I co-host), and visual (like the Facebook Lives, Youtube Channels, and Snapchats). People like to absorb content in all three ways. If you are good at all three, great, do all three.

Me personally, I think I am just trying to learn the craft of each method of content delivery at a slow steady pace. I am not opposed to any one of the three. I feel as though I can use my English degree to write a halfway decent blog (but feel free to leave a comment if that is not the case). Also, I am witty enough to hold a good conversation via podcast. Plus, in High School , I played Abner Dillon in 42nd Street and Lazur Wolf in Fiddler on the Roof, so I’ve got the theatrical skills to slay on video.


Put yourself out there. Seriously! Why wouldn’t you!?! Be a positive influence on somebody, anybody. Teach and preach helpful and positive information out there to those who need it, and then sit back and listen. Take in all the feedback and questions and try to be a better and more helpful individual.

Why Wouldn't You Put Yourself Out There?
Why Wouldn’t You Put Yourself Out There?
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