“Who’ll Stop The Rain” A Call To Action to Help Houston

“Who’ll Stop The Rain” A Call To Action to Help Houston

I could not think of a more fitting song for today’s Makers of Music Monday Blog Post. Creedance Clearwater Revival’ s “Who’ll Stop The Rain”  A Call To Action to Help Houston. Hurricane Harvey has already rocked Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. There is a great deal of flooding and there is no sign of the rain stopping any time soon.  I am so grateful to all of our friends, family, and my followers who have checked on us. We are doing just fine in the hear t of Texas. However, we have many family and friends who are directly affected.

I don’t normally ask for too much on these kinds of catastrophic events, but we can already see how bad things are first hand, and the end is not in sight left. So I would ask any and all of you, if you can donate, there is a specific link to donate at the Red Cross to Hurricane Harvey relief. If you can not donate money, when things are safe and the flooding has subsided, if you can donate your time and help out, I am sure they are going to need it.

Here is the link for the Red Cross



I actually flew out of Dallas on Friday and into Houston very early in the morning for our annual Fantasy Football Draft. However, my return trip was from Raleigh was originally scheduled to to through Chicago to Dallas. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it was a bit of serendipitous good fortune. My family and I were supposed to attend the Mets game in Houston against the Astros this Saturday with The 7 Line Army. I doubt that game will be able to be played. But none of that seems to matter right now.

The fact that my loved ones are doing ok and all of our friends and family are safe for now is all I can ask for. The 7 line Army is even talking about coming down here anyway to help volunteer in anyway possible. We may just end up joining them if its at all possible.

The company I work for is based out of Houston and most of their clinics will be underwater and the corporate office is located downtown Houston, so who knows how that is. It is cliche to sat this, but hug your loved ones, and be thankful and grateful for all that you have because it can all be taken away quite quickly. #Houton #HurricaneHarvey

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