When PT Educator Meets PTU

When PT Educator Meets PTU

There are a ton of amazing clinicians and business owners out there currently in the world of healthcare. Physical Therapy is no stranger to these medical marvels. I recently had the pleasure of briefly meeting Dr Kelly Duggan, owner and founder of Physical Therapy U in Bridgewater, MA. Any ideas what happens when PT Educator meets PTU? A ton of inspiration, and here is why…


Dr Duggan is the host of The Health and Fitness Connector Podcast. The Health and Fitness Connector Podcast is THE resource for health, fitness and wellness on the South Shore and South Eastern Massachusetts. (If you are in that area and ever need physical therapy services, please go check Kelly and the crew out). I obviously always have a soft spot in my heart for any and all podcasters, but Kelly is also a BOSS! Literally! Her business is growing so big and so rapidly, I can’t wait to see what is next for Physical Therapy U. Here is a quick commercial for the clinic:

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Posted by Physical Therapy U on Friday, June 1, 2018


The reason I love what Dr Kelly Duggan is doing with Physical Therapy U can be found on their about page on their website. One of their main pillars of patient care is “To encourage patient involvement and an understanding of the entire rehab process.” UNDERSTANDING. The Physical Therapists and Assistants at PTU are going above and beyond to educate their patients about the rehabilitation process. This is such an important factor in healing and progressing. Unfortunately, I feel like it is one that is getting lost in the healthcare world these days.


All practitioners of healthcare should be EDUCATORS! I feel like if I leave the clinic at the end of the day with much of a voice, then I probably didn’t do a great job educating that day. Now I am NOT saying you should be doing all of the talking as a clinician. I AM saying you should be doing all of the answering and reaffirming that a transfer of knowledge has occurred and finished in an understanding by the patient. If you are searching for a healthcare provider, of any type, make sure they are good educators. Part of that comes from you owning the questions you ask and taking responsibility for your own health and research on your issues.


When PT Educator Meets PTU
When PT Educator Meets PTU

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