What the Heck is Quinoa?

What the Heck is Quinoa?

I have a confession to make. I only tried quinoa for the first time about 2-3 years ago. Here is how the scenario went down: Me to waitress, “I’ll have the Grilled Red Snapper, but what is Key No-uh Salad?” Waitress to me, “Umm you mean Keen-Wah Salad?” “Umm, sure…” and proceeds to bury my face in my pint glass. Apparently quinoa is really healthy for you. It is a tiny grain-like food that is full of nutritional value and tastes pretty good in just about anything you put it in.

The Anatomy of Quinoa

Apparently the portion of the quinoa plant that we are consuming is the seed. It is actually not a grain, despite it’s texture. It grows out of a plant that is in the goosefoot family. This is the same family that gives us spinach and chard. So even though we treat it like a grain, it is not really even in the grain family.  Ironically enough, it is actually a complete protein, which is great news for you plant based foodies! This means it has all nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce and that we must get from food.


Quinoa is apparently a very healthy and protein filled super food. We used to put it in our stuffed peppers, used it as a rice substitute, and even added it to some soups. I would love to hear how you use quinoa, and if you have any great recipes for a cool side dish involving quinoa, or a quinoa salad, please feel free to post a comment or hit me up on social media. Now that I know the benefits of it, I may try to incorporate it into more recipes, even though I try to stay relatively Whole30 compliant. With quinoa being a pseudo-grain, it doesn’t make the compliant list, but I’m open to it!

What the Heck is Quinoa?
What the Heck is Quinoa?
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