What is the BEST Tool for esports and Video Game Injuries?

What is the BEST Tool for esports and Video Game Injuries?

There are several common injuries that gamers and esports athletes sustain throughout their careers. Some of them are simple and some are complex. They range from postural issues to more severe nerve related issues. A lot of the content I have been putting out lately (this video included) is aimed at helping gamers and esports athletes treat their own injuries. In order to do that, sometimes it is best to purchase some equipment. So What is the BEST tool for esports and video game injuries?

Flexbar by Theraband (aka Therabar or T-bar)

It goes by several names (and that is sometimes dependent on the company that puts it out). TheraBand FlexBar is by far one of my favorite tools to use with my esports athletes and video gamers because it is such a versatile tool. It can be used for stretching, it can be used for rolling, and it can be used for strengthening. It comes in several colors, each one is a different resistance. If you care going to buy a whole set I recommend red, green, blue, and black.

If you are just looking to buy one I generally recommend green because it is right in the middle resistance wise. I utilize the TheraBand FlexBar for grip strength and mobility exercises in general. But as I mentioned earlier it can be used for so much more. At a price point of $15-$20 it is a great investment if you are looking to take your esports training to the next level, or get rid of gaming injuries that tend to nag.

How Do I Use the Flexbar?

You can always look up on YouTube “Flexbar Exercises” and see what comes up. I always recommend if you have no idea where to start, or you are experiencing aches or pains, to consult your local physical therapist for an evaluation and treatment plan. At Epic Therapy and Wellness  we have treated dozens of gamers and esports athletes and returned them to playing the video games they love pain and symptom free.

One Thing I Learned Today:

Video Games and esports are not going away. They are a force to be reckoned with and they are likely to be the next “Major League Sport” in the United States. Arlington, TX (just up the road from me) has just opened the largest esports arena in America. The Olympics are even considering adding esports as a fully sanctioned olympic event in the not too distant future. With all of these great opportunities will come injury (and prevention) opportunities. Physical therapists are in a prime position to help these patients get better quicker. They can also prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Tools like the TheraBand FlexBar are going to help them achieve these feats. For more information on my “Pocket Guide to Treating Your Own esports and Video Game Injuries” check out PTEducator.com/Games

What is the BEST Tool for Video Game and esports Injuries
What is the BEST Tool for Video Game and esports Injuries

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