What is Authority Marketing?

What is Authority Marketing?

There is a movement in healthcare lately. Quality healthcare is not being offered in several settings and its making the public angry. I am a part of that healthcare consumer group that is completely over the fact that we are receiving less in the form of healthcare service for a higher cost. I no longer mind paying top dollar for quality healthcare service as long as I am seeing an authority that can solve my problem. So what is authority marketing? This is actually a good lesson to learn regardless of what business you are involved in (or are paying for).  Paul Gough has a great live webinar about this exact subject running this Saturday AND Sunday! CLICK LINK TO REGISTER!

What is Authority Marketing?
What is Authority Marketing?

Authority Marketing

Authority marketing is leveraging your knowledge and experience to gain leadership status in your marketplace. So authority marketing is essentially demonstrating the fact that you are an expert in a certain field with all your potential clients. Once you are seen as an authority, or expert, in your particular field, it will open up the door for higher paying jobs and other business opportunities that will then perpetuate the growth of your business and fuel further success.

How Businesses or Entrepreneurs Can Begin Showing Their Expertise

Experts begin by positioning themselves as an authority by consistently providing useful information to their audience. This information generally solves problems, offers solutions and addresses needs. The audience finds said experts, usually as a result of them positioning themselves as an educator and advocate for their success. I have found my Educational Doctorate (Ed.D.) my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) and even my B.A. in English to be very helpful in helping me craft my expertise in several different areas.


If you know more about a topic than the Average Joe, then to some extent, you are an expert. If you can help somebody solve a problem they are having based on the knowledge you have, you are an expert. Some aspects tend to set experts apart from novices, but from a perception point of view, expertise can be established in many different ways!


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