What Does a Dislocated Wrist Look Like?

What Does a Dislocated Wrist Look Like?

What Does a Dislocated Wrist Look Like? Unfortunately, some fantasy owners can now ask David Johnson. A dislocated wrist is a dislocation of any of the eight small bones called carpal bones which make up the wrist. A wrist dislocation will occur as a result of a traumatic event or fall onto the wrist.

Dislocated Wrist X-Ray
Dislocated Wrist X-Ray


Symptoms usually include severe pain with an obvious deformity in the wrist. Tingling in the thumb, index and middle fingers which suggests associated median nerve damage. Medical attention should be sought immediately.

Causes of a dislocated wrist

The eight carpal bones in the wrist are the hamate, capitate, pisiform, trapezoid, trapezium, scaphoid, lunate and triquetrum. There are a number of ways in which the carpal bones can dislocate and the lunate bone is usually the guilty party in most of them. A dislocation of the carpal bones can involve severe ligament damage and if left untreated can result in permanent damage. Johnson’s was caused by the combination of a hard tackle and landing directly on the outstretched hand bending it backwards.

Treatment for a dislocated wrist

Carpal dislocations usually require surgical treatment by a specialist wrist and hand surgeon. The surgeon will put the bones back in place and repair any ligament and soft tissue damage. The wrist is then usually immobilized in a cast for 8 weeks to allow time for the injury to heal.

Once out of the cast a full rehabilitation and physical therapy program with wrist strengthening exercises should be done to restore the hand and wrist to full function and help prevent any future injury.

Fantasy Football Relevance

David Johnson and the Cardinals were looking for a doctor who would advise rehab instead of surgery with their second opinion, but in the end Johnson is opting to have the operation. The Cardinals are sending Johnson to injured reserve, so the earliest he can return is Week 10 against the Seahawks, but with a surgery like this one, it is more likely we do not see him again this season.

The unfortunate thing for David Johnson owners is that it’s not a quick fix (see what I did there?). The Cardinals look to now move to Running Back by Committee using Kerwynn Williams and Andre Ellington and maybe even re-hiring Chris Johnson (oops…sorry about that early cut…wanna come back and play for us again…pretty please!?!). Owners of David Johnson are going to need to get creative and enter full on scramble mode if they lack depth at running back.


Some injuries are simply unavoidable. The NFL has some of the top athletes in the world playing the game. The number one pick in many Fantasy Football Drafts this year was David Johnson. He ate right, trained hard in the off season, and was primed and ready to help his team win. Then this play happened with a big tackle and awkward landing and his season is now likely done.

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