Wellfie Wednesday’s Recommendation: Personalize Your Fitness

Wellfie Wednesday’s Recommendation: Personalize Your Fitness

I must apologize for the tardiness of this blog post, but I was on the road watching my beloved Mets beat the Rangers 4-3 on a 9th inning error. (More on that tomorrow.) Today’s Wellfie Wednesday’s Recommendation: Personalize Your Fitness. It took me a little while to think about what this meant to me and to be honest, it was quite simple.

Make your fitness plan as effective as you can for yourself. Find an eating pattern than works best for you, utilize movement and exercises that work right for you, and  take the amount of time you need to recover.

I am trying to find my personalization at present time. I use a meditation app called Calm for 5 minutes every morning. Work outs have been three days per week with a gym visit that always ends with cardio, and the workouts were at 10-11:30ish at night.

But things are about to change. Our Whole30 eating pattern may take a bit of a detour as we try to figure out some diabetic digestive issues. These late night workouts end THIS WEEK. 5am is the new 10pm. And 3 days per week…you just aren’t cutting it.  For Team #MQuattro, I go to 5 days per week and I continue my Wellfir Wednesday/PT Not A Crossfitter weekly documentation about my journey and process to finally breach the 300 pound level and begin my Crossfit education.


If it is not working for you, or you are trying to do what somebody else is doing, and the workouts are simply too much or it is taking you too long to recover…reassess. Find what works for you, and you are bound to be more successful. Leave a comment if you need some help finding that personalization. I may not have the answer, but there is a good chance I know who to direct you to.

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