Wellfie Wednesday:Appreciate and Share Skills

Wellfie Wednesday:Appreciate and Share Skills

Happy Wellfie Wednesday! Welcome back! This week is brought to you by Patrick  (@TheFuelPhysio). This week’s tip for Wellfie Wednesday:Appreciate and Share Skills is simple… appreciate the skills that others have and if you have one yourself, share it!

Skills to Pay The Bills    

This idea got me thinking of a time I truly missed out on appreciation of a skill. And its unfortunately that it takes missing out on something to realize that. It has been about 5 years now since my grandfather past away. Though long before that, I spent time here and there in his workshop. And as I got older, I still only spent time here and there, possibly with the thought that building things out of wood was just a hobby of his. He was retired after all and I could of thought at the time that maybe his days just consisted of Gunsmoke and sawdust…


But, no…. My grandfather had a SKILL. He could build anything from the perfectly symmetrical bird house to an actual house. Everything was precise, down to the smallest detail. Carpentry was his skilled, and ironically a skill, maybe just a hobby, that I’m trying to develop now myself. But my point is, I didn’t appreciate his skill when I should have. Appreciate the skills and talents of those in your life and of those you look up to. Learn everything you can no mater what, because there is a chance that it may one day be your own skill to share.


I have several skills. My experiences and my education over the last 20 years has lead me to a skill set that very few possess. From my Bachelors in English, to my Doctorate in Physical therapy, to my Doctorate in Education, I have certainly learned a great deal. Now with my ventures into business, it makes me want to share my knowledge and help others. But I have also learned to realize the skills I do not have. It makes me appreciate others who have these skills, and to know when to reach out to them to ask for help.

Wellfie Wednesday:Appreciate and Share Skills

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