Wellfie Wednesday: Walk With A Doc

Wellfie Wednesday: Walk With A Doc

Today’s Wellfie Wednesday: Walk with a Doc. It is a good message with a call to action. It is based on the movement (see what I did there) across the globe where clinicians set up a time and a place and get out and walk, and ask their patients to join them. You can check out all of the local chapters at www.WalkWithADoc.org. 

Walk With A Doc
Walk With A Doc

My Walking Tale

I hate running. At my weight two years ago of 350 pounds, there was little to no way I could comfortably go for a run without my joints and lungs screaming at me. It had been 10 years since I had even been to a gym, with no real excuse as to why. Thanks to my wife, I started eating healthier the last two years. I started going to the gym thanks to Free The Yoke’s #SummerOfMove competition (and have kept up my gym behaviors and added a little yoga). I am still not at a level where I feel like I can comfortably begin running (I mainly use stationary bike for my cardio). But I thoroughly enjoy going for walks, especially when they are with my family. I think people take for granted the benefits of walking 20-30 minutes 2-3 times per week can bring to your health.


I am still pushing myself to try to be the best possible version of myself. That includes getting as healthy as I can and practicing what I preach. Its not easy, but the juice is worth the squeeze in this case. Good health is good for you. I had never heard of Walk With A Doc before, but I may now have to look into how it works and see if anyone in the Waco area would be interested. Or maybe I can drag Mark Milligan and some of the Austinites into the mix.

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