Wellfie Wednesday Blog Post: Spring is here! Maybe…

Wellfie Wednesday Blog Post: Spring is here! Maybe…

This week’s Wellfie Wednesday Blog Post: Spring is here! Maybe… is a good funny because it is true. Seemed like Spring was ready to show up…then boom…snowstorms again!

Patrick Berner, PT, DPT, RDN Writes…

Well folks, I think Spring is here. Maybe… I’ve been fooled once this year, thinking Spring had come. The calendar certainly told me so, but than it got cold again. The weather this year has certainly been a wild ride, especially for our friends in the Northeast. We are finally in a descent temperature range here in South Carolina, mid-60s to 70s, but as I write this it looks as if we are suppose to dip close to the high-30s this evening.

None the less, Spring will eventually be here to stay, either that or we’ll move right into Summer. Regardless, the weather calls for MORE OUTDOOR activities! I want to give a few ideas this week for how you and your family can jump into Spring!

  • Go on a hike! If you have access to some elevation, take advantage of it. If not, try a longer stroll and explore more of the community in which you live.
  • Take a bike ride! A great alternative to hiking or walking. And you also get to explore more of your surroundings.
  • Plant a garden! Whether it be a flower or vegetable garden, it gives you more reason to be outdoors. I’ve personally already started our new flower garden and have been waiting to start prepping for the new vegetable garden. The best thing about vegetable gardens is getting your own fresh produce!
  • Be one with nature! You don’t even have be physically active outdoors to receive some benefits. Take time to soak up some sun and beneficial Vitamin D (remember to apply sunscreen if out for long). While your out, try some meditation or mindfulness strategies to boost health and reduce stressors.


Different ways to get active and stay active with the family!

Wellfie Wednesday Blog Post: Spring is here! Maybe...
Wellfie Wednesday Blog Post: Spring is here! Maybe…

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