Wellfie Wednesday: Shout out to WW Creator Patrick Berner

Wellfie Wednesday: Shout out to WW Creator Patrick Berner

Some how I have managed to get back in the good graces of the people over at Wellfie Wednesday, and I am getting tagged on their Twitter posts again. Big things are happening. There is a group of about twenty plus physical therapists in many settings, from many different backgrounds, doing all sorts of different things. These therapists are a gang or posse of “go-getters” that I very much look up to, respect, listen to, and even try to emulate at times.

I have NEVER been a pillar of great health, but I know and understand better now more than ever the path to good health, and I have started my journey down it. This journey is not an easy one, and it is not one that I wanted to do alone. So with the help of my wife, I started my own trek down the Yellow Brick Road of Health.

Well Done Patrick Berner

Patrick Berner is a physical therapist AND a registered dietitian to be and he is my go to for all things food and fuel related. He always has insight on what is healthy for consumption and what supplements should be considered on a very personal level. I have him on speed dial whenever I have a question related to my personal health or questions my patients may have. This month Patrick was featured in PT in Motion magazine.

Patrick Berner
Patrick Berner

If you haven’t check out my inspiration for my Wellfie Wednesday Blog Posts yet, go to www.patrickberner.com. He is a great resource and an even better person. Start consuming his content now because you are going to see big things on the horizon from him.


As an English major, I was never really sure why you weren’t supposed to use cliche phrases and terms. They became cliches because they are overused due to the truth behind them. But “you are the average of the five people you most associate with”. If you surround yourself and get to know four or five people who are doing things you want to do, and who have done them well, you can become better at those things as well. There is not doubt in my mind that these people doing great things in the healthcare field are going to make a difference, and I hope I can too one day, especially in the area of  becoming a Primary Preventionist. So thank you Patrick Berner and well done.

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