Wellfie Wednesday: Peel Back The Labels

Wellfie Wednesday: Peel Back The Labels

Well, I learned a lot by inquiring about today’s Wellfie Wednesday: Peel Back The Labels.

This week’s tip highlights one of the many things wrong with how companies label their food products. It’s an issue I have been aware of for quite some time, but this post was sparked when I came across Peel Back the Label, a movement aimed at separating facts from fear mongering in food labeling (@PeelBackLabel). “Consumers have a right to both truth and transparency in food labeling. It’s time to peel back the label on deceptive marketing tactics.” And that’s really what some companies are doing with their labeling. They utilize the latest buzz words to draw in consumers, phrases such as “Gluten-free” “GMO-free” “No Hormones Added” are used time and time again, even when the products will never contain them anyway. You’ve probably noticed “Gluten-free” being placed on literally everything now, even fruits and vegetables. Though gluten is the protein portion of wheat flour, providing structural characteristics to baked goods, and will hardly ever be found elsewhere.

However, my favorite misleading claim is “No Hormones Added,” especially when added to poultry/chicken products, as it is ILLEGAL to sell poultry in the United States that was raised with added hormones. From the USDA: “Hormones are not allowed in raising hogs or poultry. Therefore, the claim “no hormones added” cannot be used on the labels of pork or poultry unless it is followed by a statement that says “Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones.”” If you were to look close enough on your packaging, you’ll notice the claim followed by ** and than that federal regulation phrase in small print, likely hidden somewhere else.


Sugar does not have a recommended daily percentage (or at least not one published on labels). Added sugar does, but not those sugars that come naturally. I find this odd, because who decided what needed a daily percentage displayed and what did not. Considering how harmful sugar can be, I feel as though we should probably look into changing that.

Wellfie Wednesday: Peel Back The Labels
Wellfie Wednesday: Peel Back The Labels

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