Wellfie Wednesday: #FreeTheYoke #SummerOfMove (have I been blacklisted!?!)

Wellfie Wednesday: #FreeTheYoke #SummerOfMove (have I been blacklisted!?!)

Wellfie Wednesday: #FreeTheToke #SummerOfMove (have I been blacklisted!?!) Things are getting heated with #FreeTheYoke #SummerOfMove and allow me to tell you why I feel as though I may have been blacklisted.  Every Wednesday morning, I awake to a Tweet I have been tagged on from a good friend of mine Patrick Berner. Patrick is the inspiration for my Wednesday blog posts because his #WellfieWednesday Tweets give a great weekly tip on healthy eating, or healthy living.

HOWEVER, this morning, I had to actively search for his #WellfieWednesday tip.  This is how competitive #FreeTheYoke #SummerOfMove is getting. We are about 10 days away from the draft, and more than a month away from the start, and Patrick Berner’s Team #WellfieWednesday is making moves already.  The fact that I have pledged my allegiance to Jerry Durham’s Team #MQuattro has ostracized me from the #WellfieWednesday clan, and that is fine by me!


It is amazing how a simple gesture or oversight, as intentional or unintentional as it may have been, can add fuel to your fire and your desire to move and win! I generally work out 2-3 days per week, and consume a relatively healthy Whole30 eating pattern, but the line in the sand has now been drawn.  Not only will I be increasing my workouts to 5 days per week for the challenge, but I will be documenting and vlogging about the health transformation as I re-open my PT NOT A CROSSFITTER blog on Wednesdays INSTEAD of blogging about #WellfieWednesday. I see you Patrick Berner…and to you I say “GOOD DAY SIR!”


Wellfie Wednesday: #FreeTheToke #SummerOfMove (have I been blacklisted!?!)









Inspiration can come in many forms. Take those inspirations, no matter what form they come in and do something healthy, positive, and fun with them!



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