Wellfie Wednesday: Exercise in a Community!

Today’s Wellfie Wednesday: Exercise in a Community.  This made me think a lot about how important community is, and how important accountability is.  If I do not have someone that I am accountable for and accountable to, I will not exercise or work out as frequently and as effectively.  There has been tons of studies on these types of behaviors, but for me, personally, I just need somebody there to report to on a regular basis.

This goes for many aspects of life, not just exercises. My wife, who is a Type-I Diabetic, did a great job of converting us to more of a Whole30 eating pattern and I do great on it for 30, 45, 60 days as long as we are both on it together. When I go rogue and have to fly solo, it is much, much harder. I think this goes for personal finances too. It was hard for me to open up and let go of total control of the finances, but the team approach has kept my stupid spending habits in check, and helped steer us on the right financial path.

I think this is one of the reasons CrossFit is not only so popular but so successful and why it fascinates me to some extent. The community atmosphere and the friends and family feeling and how that is just so infectious and grows like the snowball effect is something you don’t see at your local gym. Yes it is difficult and yes it is intense, but it is also “scale-able”  meaning in theory, you can go from the couch to jumping right in to Crossfit activities, and you have this group or community of people going through the same struggle as you so you grow and you bond as you get fit and healthy.  I am always skeptical about fads and workouts and diets  and the like, but it seems like CrossFit is here to stay, and the main reason….community.

One thing I learned today: Exercise in a community, it will benefit you all in many ways!

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