Wellfie Wednesday Blog Post: It’s Back to School! Wash Your Hands!

Wellfie Wednesday Tip #111: It’s Back to School! Wash Your Hands!

Happy Wellfie Wednesday! Welcome back! This week is brought to you by Patrick (@TheFuelPhysio). And just like that, summer is coming to an end and schools are starting up again. Wellfie Wednesday Blog Post: It’s Back to School! Wash Your Hands!

I wanted to use the time this week to emphasize the importance of hand washing! Not the fanciest of topics, but needed, especially has the kiddos head to new environments and start interacting with more and more people. Though, remember hand washing is applicable to every single people, I just think it’s a healthy behavior that should be taught young.

The Center for Disease Control emphasizes hand washing as one of the most important steps in preventing the spread of germs and infectious disease, reducing the risk of sickness. But it’s important to note that for this to be successful, when and how you wash your hands becomes important. Check out the image below for more detail, including the steps on how to appropriately wash your hands. And know that it’s friction that helps kill germs, so scrubbing is time is a must! SOURCE


My kiddo goes back to school next week. I always find it amazing what hotbeds for germs classrooms are. I have to give credit to our teachers for having some of the strongest immune systems on earth. Especially at the elementary level. I went to visit my daughter last year and her room was hot, humid, and filled of coughs, sniffles, and snot. I am not sure I could handle that dirty,grimey, germy feeling all day every day. This is why handwashing is a pretty decent idea. It works in healthcare so we don’t transmit anything from patient to patient. In theory it should work in school too. So teach your kid early and often to wash their hands!

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