Wellfie Wednesday: Aging Like Fine Wine

Wellfie Wednesday: Aging Like Fine Wine

Happy Wellfie Wednesday! Welcome back! For this week’s Wellfie Wednesday: Aging Like Fine Wine,  Alyssa (@kuhnalyssa_dpt) and Senior Rehab Project (@seniorrehab) are bringing you knowledge on how to age healthy and gracefully.

Want to be healthy well into old age? Time to start exercising now!

It unfortunately appears to now be common knowledge that fall risk and rates tend to simultaneously climb with increasing age. This primarily affects a population aged 80+. Falls can lead to serious injury that can dramatically impact mobility and independence. Now research is turning to prevention to attempt to find variables that can curb fall risk.

     The 90+ Study from Paganini-Hill et al. (2017) determined that there is a lower likelihood of falling in persons aged 90+ among individuals who reported 30+ minutes/day of active exercise in their 60–70s. Fall prevention doesn’t just start in the elderly population! With the continued push for health and wellness to combat chronic disease, we can now add in another variable to also combat fall risk. This is yet another reason to add to the laundry list of benefits of physical activity and exercise. It was deemed that “exercise appears to be the most cost-effective intervention in the elderly”. This should perk the ears of so many people outside of those with direct involvement with healthcare. That includes family members and caregivers!

Promoting Physical Activity

Promoting physical activity at all ages is extremely important. It helps reap all health benefits and to sustain a healthy lifestyle well into old age. Many people still continue to think that as they age, it is normal for function to decline and independence to fade. From experience as a physical therapist, this is NOT the case. Age is simply a number. There are so many people out there well into their 90s and still living on their own and able to do some amazing things.

Senior Rehab Project

The Senior Rehab Project was created by Dustin Jones and is a large force of rehab professionals (primarily physical and occupational therapists), created to challenge these exact stereotypes. The main focus of the group is to combat ageism and prove that age does not have to be a limiting factor to function. They are attempting to create a wave to empower older adults and also address and promote evidenced based practice for clinicians when treating older patients. The baby boomer population is growing exponentially which creates a very large opportunity to continue to influence quality of life and promote maintained independence. If you’re looking to join in this movement and be a part of the tribe that is changing the face of geriatric rehab, go to www.seniorrehabproject.com or follow on twitter @seniorrehab, you won’t regret it.


I have learned over the years (from personal trials, tribulations, pain, and growth) is that aging is tough. As a healthcare provider and consumer, I am still trying to learn how to age gracefully. One of my mentors who has done a phenomenal job doing just that is Dr Lisa Holland. Thats from both a healthcare provider and a wellness educator standpoint. Lisa just gets how a proper healthcare business should be run to benefit the most possible clients and impact the healthy of society at scale. Anyone (particularly women) who are interested in growing and scaling business like this should check out Lisa’s Mind Body Business Academy. She got me on the right track in just her thoughtful conversations with me. I can’t even begin to fathom the benefits her female entrepreneurs will gain from her academy!

Aging Like Fine Wine
Aging Like Fine Wine

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