Welcome To The League Rookie

Welcome To The League Rookie

The NFL Draft came and went, and I LOVED what the New York Football Giants did! (No Paul Gough, we’re still NOT talking Soccer!!!) But more importantly, PTEducator.com has announced our first ever educational course! And what better course to release than a Fantasy Football Injury Review Course. If you play fantasy football, and you are looking to take your game to the next level, or know somebody who is, this course is for YOU! If you are sick of finishing in the middle of the pack, or trying to claw your way out of the fantasy football basement, or maybe you just want to avoid having to get an “I Suck At Fantasy Football” Unicorn Tattoo! This course can help!

Welcome To The League Rookie
Welcome To The League Rookie

What Does The Course Offer?

PTEducator.com is working in conjunction with The Fantasy Football Counselor to bring you the most extensive fantasy football strategies to dominate your fantasy football league. Let’s face it, you can not pick a fantasy team based on one source of information. These days you have to pool all of your resources to climb to the top of your league. This course breaks down the Top 17 Most Common Injuries in the NFL annually, how they can occur, and what the return to play will look like after a player sustains those injuries. This will be a great tool for use in conjunction with The Fantasy Football Counselor’s CUDDY System and Draft Domination Course. As The Counselor points out, DURABILITY is a huge aspect when drafting players.

When Does The Course Drop?

The Fantasy Football Injury Review Course will be available BY NEXT WEEK’S THROW ME THE BALL THURSDAY BLOG POST, and will be available for sale on the PTEducator.com website. It will also be offered for FREE on The Fantasy Football Counselor’s website with the purchase of his bundle deal! Either way, it is going to be a great deal and ton of value and knowledge in the world of fantasy football!


For those who know me, you know I LOVE fantasy football! I especially love the injuries that affect fantasy football on an annual basis. I write guest columns for The Fantasy Doctors, and I will be doing guest spots on The Fantasy Counselor’s Podcast and Elite Talent Mastermind Group. Check these out for the ULTIMATE value in fantasy football knowledge!

The OFFER STILL STANDS, for the first TEN “beta testers” of the course, you will receive a $5 discount from me personally as a thank you for supporting and believing in PTEducator.com and all of the amazing courses that will rolling out over the next several months! Just contact me on any of my social media platforms and let me know you want to purchase the course. There will be courses for the public like this one, there will be courses for clinicians, and there is also affiliate course links available from trusted friends and colleagues of PTEducator.com! Thanks for all of your continued support and keep checking back for more exciting courses and announcements!

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