We can detect others’ stress just by breathing in their sweat

Did you know: We can detect others’ stress just by breathing in their sweat.

Seems like and odd statement…but a 2009 study performed at Stony Brook University (home of a few of my summer school classes when trying to finish my pre-requisites to get in to Physical Therapy School) had a bunch of people run on a treadmill and they collected their sweaty clothes. They then had the same people jump out of an airplane and collected their sweaty clothes after that task.  They then had people smell the two sets of sweaty clothes and when people sniffed the fear based airplane jumper sweat, the fear based areas of their brains lit up under live scan. So we may be able to smell and sense through sweat and pheromones fear and danger.

If you are a science nerd and research geek like I am, you can find the full research article “Study suggests sweat pheromones may give off stress signals” here at Why you smellin’ my sweat study and you can read that to your heart’s desire. (I actually read the whole thing and it was pretty interesting). And for your information, 2009 is considered a pretty recent research article. Within 10 years is pretty good because that is about how long this kind of research takes to circulate and introduce into a useful, clinical type setting.

ONE THING I LEARNED TODAY: Study suggests sweat pheromones may give off stress signals. People perform some pretty weird studies. I can’t believe the things that get funded these days. But more props to all of the researchers out there, because I am not very good at it, and I am not sure I want to spend the rest of my life performing research, but it is a necessary evil. That is how we learn. But if you feel like sometimes you have to just trust your gut, and you feel like you have a sixth sense and you are psychic, you probably don’t and you probably are not. It is probably just sweat and pheromones in the air giving you a heads up that someone’s adrenaline is kicking and they are about to do something dumb.

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