Want to Learn a Little More About Hairline Wrist Fractures?

Want to Learn a Little More About Hairline Wrist Fractures?

I wrote a guest blog at TheFantasyDoctors.com and Fanrag.com the other day for those who want to Learn a Little More About Hairline Wrist Fractures. It involves Texas Longhorns Sophomore Guard Andrew Jones.


The Texas Longhorns basketball team was enjoying a good start to their season. They currently sit 9-3 entering Big 12 Conference play. But on December 5th against the VCU Rams, it was the Longhorns that got the horns. Sophomore guard Andrew Jones landed on his right wrist after driving to the basket. He was then fouled on a subsequent drive landing on the wrist a second time. During one of these two hard falls, Jones suffered a hairline fracture of his right wrist as was confirmed by head coach Shaka Smart in the press conference the following Monday.

Andrew Jones was playing at a particularly high level for the Longhorns, including the game against VCU where he had 19 points and was 4 of 6 from three point range. The Longhorns suffered their third loss of the season to Michigan in the game immediately following Jones’ injury.


The good news for Jones is that the injury is only a hairline fracture, and does not require surgery to repair it, nor a cast to set the bone and keep it in place. The bad news is that the injury was suffered on his shooting hand. A hairline fracture can be a tricky injury because if the bone does not fully heal, the player runs the risk of reinjuring the same fracture, if not making it worse.

Wrist Fracture

Wrist Fracture


While a hairline fracture is not season ending, it could take Jones 4-6 for the fractured bone to heal completely. Rehabilitation will include gentle range of motion activities, closed chain weight bearing type activities, and slow progressive resistive exercises, as well as some modalities like heat, ice, electric stimulation or ultrasound to control some of the swelling and increase blood flow to assist the healing process. Jones is hopeful he can return for the 12/29 game against the Kansas Jayhawks, but that is likely an lofty expectation. It is more realistic to expect him back for the 1/6 game versus conference rival Baylor Bears. Keep an eye out for news on Jones’ rehabilitation progress and any updates on a timetable for his return.

ONE THING I LEARNED TODAY: Hairline fractures aren’t too bad in the world of fractures. The bone is all still lined up and in place, it just has a small crack in it so it needs to heal up, and that takes some time and rest.

Want to Learn a Little More About Hairline Wrist Fractures?
Want to Learn a Little More About Hairline Wrist Fractures?


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