Want a healthy option for National Donut Day? I am just kidding, there are no healthy donuts…although Guiltless Super Foods is trying really hard move us in that direction. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about “Healthy Taco Shells”, and that blog can be found here.

Skinny Donuts
Skinny Donuts


In that Taco blog, I said I would get to these beauties eventually, so here goes nothing. They are called Skinny Donuts and they are delicious. The donuts are grain free, gluten free, yeast free, and dairy free. These donuts are Paelo friendly, low carb, and a good source of protein and fiber. Skinny donuts are light, airy, chocolate covered and chocolate cake flavored.

So how is this possible? Guiltless Super Foods uses seven types of organic seeds including hemp, chia, flax and more.  I tried these a few months ago with my wife when I was not on a Whole30 and they were absolutely delicious and I did not feel an ounce of guilt, true story!

You can get them shipped to you, or if you live in or around the Austin, TX area, you can pick them up in a few local stores or direct from the company. You can thank me anytime.


Its ok to splurge on a donut every so often. Just donut over do it (see what I did there?) And if you are going to have a donut, these are a slightly healthier option. They are 300 calories each, 15g of sugar (lets be honest, they are still donuts), and 28g of carbohydrates. So go ahead and treat yourself on National Donut Day, but try to keep it to just one, and try to make it as healthy an option as possible…then grab a banana when you realize you are still hungry!

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