Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the Heart

“Once upon a time there was light in my life
But now there’s only love in the dark
Nothing I can say
A total eclipse of the heart” – Bonnie Tyler

I figured this was the most appropriate song for today’s Makers of Music Monday Blog Post.  You can thank me later for getting this 80’s classic stuck in your head all day. A lot of people will be out viewing the eclipse today, and here are a few safety tips for just that activity so you don’t ruin your eyes.



Eclipse Tips
Eclipse Tips


The Song

There have been many versions of this song by Bonnie Tyler. One of my all time favorites is a rare cut by Guster that features their drummer Brian “The Thundergod” Rosenworcel off of the Live at The State Theatre, Portland ME. Another classic is The Dan Band version of the song featured in the movie “Old School” starring Luke Wilson and Will Ferrell. If you have never seen that one, do yourself a favor and watch it, its hilarious. But for your listening pleasure today, here is the Straight No Chaser version. An acapella group that does some amazing covers. Enjoy and protect your eyes today!


An eclipse like the one occurring today happens once every 50 years or so. While it will be awesome to see and experience it, you do have to take precautions to protect your eyes. (Sidenote: for those of you using welder’s masks to look at the eclipse, make sure it has the right shading/tint level or it will not be effective.

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