Throw Me The Ball Thursday: Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star…Part 4

Throw Me The Ball Thursday: Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star…Part 4

Aaron LeBauer…what more is there to say about this guy that has not already been said…oh wait…I know…HE WAS A COMPETITIVE CYCLIST! Yes, the man behind all of the great Cash Pay Physical Therapy information, and the Cash Pay Lunch Hour and the Cash Pay Nation Facebook group used to race bikes competitively.


Now, I will be the first to admit that I know little to nothing in regards to cycling, but I know it is very healthy for you. I also used to watch the Tour de France on occasion, until Lance Armstrong got caught “doping”, then all of the tour pretty much got caught “doping”. Now the sport has become kind of boring for me. But this little oddity about Aaron is what I love, and could make him the next big thing in the world of Physical Therapy because it is a sport that is a little outside of the box. And that is exactly the kind of thinking and marketing that we are going to need in finding the next Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star to elevate the profession to the next level.


Aaron has a lot of great information out there. He has also been a great motivator and source of inspiration for me. If you have any interest in the world of cash based physical therapy or cash based health care in general, click on these two links to see how Aaron is running his business currently



I promise you won’t be disappointed. And you will see why I speak so highly of Aaron Lebauer and all he is doing to help physical therapists elevate their businesses.

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One thought on “Throw Me The Ball Thursday: Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star…Part 4

  • January 25, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    So awesome Scott. Thanks for the compliments!
    That top picture was me at the San Francisco Grand Prix grinding a 39×25 up Lombard Street LOL!!!
    You guys rock!


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