Throw Me The Ball Thursday Blog Post: Literally A Ball

Throw Me The Ball Thursday Blog Post: Literally A Ball

Did you miss me? I was on a vacation with the family. I always strongly recommend vacations so you don’t get burned out, and you can enjoy the experiences life offers you. Plus it never hurts to spend time with friends and family. It is good for the body mind and soul. But I have had some issues with travel over the years. My right hip generally gets stiff when I fly (because I sit incorrectly…I know, I know…). Plus I have started lifting lately and my forearms (both top and bottom sides) stay sore and stiff now. How do I go about dealing with these issues, especially when I travel? That brings us to the Throw Me The Ball Thursday Blog Post: Literally A Ball

Hip ER
Hip ER

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

RAWHIDE! (See what I did there!?!) Just kidding, but in all seriousness, people have mixed feelings on foam rolling. Personally, I don’t understand why you would pay anywhere from $10 – $50 for a piece of foam in the first place. Secondly, many times you are “rolling” a structure that is so tough, the structural make up of it will not allow for long term change. That is not to say it won’t feel good, or help in certain areas, I just feel like there are other avenues of treatment you can explore.

The Answer

Friends, family, patients, and colleagues, allow me to introduce you to Rubz!

This affiliate link (which those of you who know and follow me know I will not post unless I believe in a product) will take you directly to amazon where you can purchase it for about $7. I am going to start  a mini-series of posts on how you can use this thing, but it is the real deal, it has helped me get loose, and it is inexpensive and portable. Perfect for a Holiday Stocking Stuffer.


I think it is perfectly acceptable to be an affiliate and a promoter of a product if you feel like it could truly benefit and help people AND YOU BELIEVE IN IT. I may even start buying some of these to have on hand to sell to my patients that is how much I love this little ball. There are not too many links I add to my blog posts, so if you see an affiliate link, you know it is legit.

Throw Me The Ball Thursday Blog Post: Literally A Ball

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