The Lord Is Gonna Be Jealous, But He Ain’t Never Seen You Let Your Hair Down

The Lord Is Gonna Be Jealous, But He Ain’t Never Seen You Let Your Hair Down

Once in a lifetime, you come across an artist (visually or musically) that you can just relate to. Musicians like Adam Durtiz of the Counting Crows, Bruce Springsteen, and Ryan Adams are all just sort of other planet type demi-gods in the music industry for me. I have had the pleasure of meeting Adam and Ryan, and luckily for me they lived up to the hype. It can be deflating when your idol is a real jerk, or just doesn’t live up to the pedestal you put them on. For me though, Joe Firstman is the first real artist I ever loved, respected, and was fortunate enough to call a friend. “The Lord Is Gonna Be Jealous, But He Ain’t Never Seen You Let Your Hair Down” is a lyric from “Saving All The Love”. It is a song that constantly reminds me of how much I love my wife.

Saving All The Love

This is a neat 13 minute video of a VERY young Joe Firstman circa 2003. It is a cool look into the mind of a songwriter and how they process their stories and songs. For me, Joe Firstman’s album War of Women has always been a masterpiece from start to finish. But it is his WIVES TALES (EP)that barely saw the light of day that elevated him in my mind. It was a bunch of songs he wanted released on his terms, despite what the record company said. So while I applaud him for standing up to the man, and doing things differently, I also like to thank him for being a constant soundtrack to me and my family’s lives.


My wife is a truly amazing and beautiful woman. I can’t even begin to express how much she has done in supporting me and helping me become a better person. But what is amazing is how every song that Joe sings about with regards to beauty reminds me of her. So take time today to admire and love the ones who support you. Take some additional time to listen to the tunes that amplify their good qualities, and to appreciate the artists that crafted those songs. Special thanks to Joe Firstman for being a friend! (And you can check out Joe’s new band Cordovas if you are into a little more hippy, jam band feel and flavor like I am!) Fun Fact: Joe is one of three man crushes I have ever had. Tune into the YouTube vlog to see the other two. Guesses in comment form are welcome!

The Lord Is Gonna Be Jealous, But He Ain't Never Seen You Let Your Hair Down
Dev, Joe and I circa 2005

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