The Long Strange Trip Has Finally Begun

The Long Strange Trip Has Finally Begun

If somebody were to say to you, “The Long Strange Trip Had Finally Begun”

Long Strange Trip
Long Strange Trip

what would you think? For those of you who are Grateful Dead Fans, you may likely make the assumption that this blog post is about the recent release of the Long Strange Trip documentary (and in your defense, you would be partially correct). I was fortunate enough to watch Part 1 of 6 this weekend before the black plague virus hit my household and everybody got sick. I plan on watching the rest of this documentary little by little, as my free time allows (and for all of you Amazon Prime members, its free FYI). Even if you don’t like The Grateful Dead, the fact that Martin Scorsese produced it, and the sheer amount of footage they went through to whittle this thing down to only 6 hour long episodes is amazing in itself, and likely worth the watch.

Are You Really An Entrepreneur?

But what this post is really about is entrepreneurship and what a long strange trip that can be. I do not think I realized I was somewhat of a natural born entrepreneur until early 2017. Looking back to my childhood, my father was an English teacher during the year, but he owned his own landscaping business in the summers (which eventually grew to a full time operation that he sold off). My brother and I worked for my dad’s business from time to time when he needed help, or we needed money, but overall it was my first real taste of owning a business or entrepreneurship.
Ironically enough, my father’s landscaping business helped to pay for a summer beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Every summer, from the ages of 10-14 or so, my brother and I would scour the golf course in the evenings upon which this beach house sat in search of stray and lost golf balls. We would then go to the 10th tee with our box of freshly washed, “gently used” golf balls and sell them to the golfers at .75 cents per ball or 3 for $2. We made a good deal of money those summers, and it was enough to sustain our toy, fishing, golf, and beach equipment needs for the summers.

Where to next?

Fast forward 20 plus years, (10 years into my career as a physical therapist) and the entrepreneurial bug has come back to bite me. I would never “quit my day job” so to speak, because I love being in the clinic and I love treating patients and helping them get better. But there are so many facets to the physical therapy world that I feel we just need more of in this world, and sharing my take on some of these facets is not only my way of giving back to the field, but also generating a little bit of “summer money” on the side. My latest endeavor is a podcast that I am co-hosting with talented up and comer Brandon Poen, PT, DPT.  We hope to help the field of Healthcare learn more about their educational systems and learning through the interviews on the podcast.
The First Episode is available here on Libsyn
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I have heard entrepreneurship is something you are born with. I am not sure if that is solely the case, but I am remembering that I did have a lot of entrepreneurial experience at a very early age. If you feel like you are made to be an entrepreneur, then I say go for it, but be prepared for a long, strange trip. I am only just beginning but I have already hit some weird twists and turns that have not been good nor bad, but just strange and certainly unexpected.

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