The E-Myth: A Scary Summary Point Pertaining to Present Day

The E-Myth: A Summary Point Pertaining to Present Day

I recently finished reading a book The E-Myth by Michael Gerber. While it was a great book, and it had many good take away points, there was one that really hit me hard. This was by no means the take away from the book, but it was an interesting little summary point that eerily pertained to all that is going on these last few days.

E-Myth Summary
E-Myth Summary

Are you reading what is being said here? This book was written in 1986, the version I read was reprinted and “updated” in 2002. Does this sound like anything that is going on right now!?!

“If the world reflects a lack of good sense, it’s because each one of us acts the same. If the world acts as if it doesn’t know what its doing, it’s because each one of us acts the same. If the world is violent, and greedy, and heatless, and inhuman, and often just plain stupid, it is because you and I are that way.

So if the world is going to be changed, we must first change our lives.”


I am certain Michael Gerber intended for this quote to pertain to our habits in relation to running a small business, but this kind of just pertains to life in general. With all of the hate and violence that is occurring in the world, and in the U.S. in particularly, we all just need to start making changes. The Golden Rule is still part of real life and we need to go out and live it. So pick one thing in your life that you can stand to make a positive change in, and do it. Behave well and treat others the way you would like to be treated, please, for the good of humanity.


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