The Customer Voice (Part II): Winning Customer Service 101

The Customer Voice (Part II): Winning Customer Service 101


Earlier this week I posted a blog about a negative customer service experience I had with American Airlines. Today, I would like to post the polar opposite story. A story about an AMAZING customer service experience I had in the same week, and I need all of my readers to hear about.

The story begins months ago when I realized I would be in the New York/New Jersey area and I realized a Donut Shop called: Glaze
They are the creators of this ridiculous donut called “The Rainbow Cookie Donut”. Rainbow Cookies were generally on an Italian cookie platter my parents always used to get for celebrations and events that also had chocolate lace cookies and leaf cookies. The platter looked something like this and was available at most Italian Bakeries on Long Island:

Cookie platter 


Glaze Donuts
Glaze Donuts


Cookie platter
Cookie platter













Christina Hazou was my point of contact these months earlier when I emailed her to let her know that I had heard of their Rainbow Cookie Donut, and I was aware they sell out relatively quickly on the few days they sell them, and that I was going to be in town for a quick business meeting.  I was wondering if they could just put one or two of those aside for me, because it reminded me of my childhood days and the wonderful times I had with my mom and dad. Sadly, my dad has passed, and it has been 10 years this December, but there are certain things that bring me right back with him. The New York Mets, golfing, fishing, egg sandwiches, landscaping, New York Pizza, the Outer Banks, Disney World, and rainbow cookies.

Christina assured me that there would be a Rainbow Cookie Donut put aside for me, and she would “take care of me” whatever that meant. I showed up after my meeting to their Wayne, NJ shop and the first thing I saw was the above Darth Vader shirt, and I knew I was in the right place.

The guys behind the counter were overly nice, took care of me instantly, and said there were 2 rainbow cookie donuts, a rind ding donut, a maple bacon donut, a smores donut, and a cannoli donut set aside for me. There was also a half dozen classic mixed donuts put aside for me free of cost.  I got to try to rainbow cookie donut and the maple bacon donut and they were UNBELIEVABLE! The rest went to friends of mine who had the exact same thing to say. This place went above and beyond anything I could ever ask for, and for that, they have gained my unwavering loyalty. I will not be in New Jersey all that often, but when I am, I will be visiting Glaze Donuts.  I will also be telling all of my friends and family to please go and support this amazing business. You will not be disappointed. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you run an amazing business based on a culture of customer service.

Glaze Donuts

They are located in a few locations:

358 River Road
New Milford, NJ

1055 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, NJ

And 2 new locations soon in Paramus and West Caldwell

If you are ever in these areas and are in need of a donut, please stop in and support the amazing people at Glaze!


If you want to run a successful business based around a customer-centric culture, then put your customers first, at any cost. It will feed back into your business ten fold.

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