The Connecting Power of Music

The Connecting Power of Music

I had to travel up to Dallas for the weekend for a continuing education course. I wasn’t terribly excited to drive up to Dallas and back, but the course was necessary. On my way out of town I was able to meet up with a friend of mine who I went to college with and was a fraternity brother of mine. He is a Dallas local so he wanted to show me around town some.


The Venue

The Brevet
The Brevet

The first musical connection occurred at our venue: The Rustic.  A neat little indoor/outdoor bar/restaurant owned by none other than Texas’ own Red Clay Country Musician Pat Green. It was a clean, well laid out restaurant with plenty of room, great for small, intimate concerts. The Rustic also had a great drink selection. The second musical connection was the band: The Brevet. Now I had never heard the Brevet, but a lot of my Rock Boat friends had seen them on recent boats, and raved about them. They played at least two sets on this night, the first being an acoustic set that opened with none other than a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire”. This part, was the third and most important music connection. As soon as I heard this song, I had to record it and post it for my dear friend Krissie, who is a HUGE Springsteen fan, and just had a birthday! It was like this song was reminding how wonderful she is, and this was a little gift to her from me (but mainly from the Bervet) even being miles away in Charlotte, NC.



PLAY MUSIC! LISTEN TO MUSIC! DANCE TO MUSIC! Music is good for the soul. Its good for mind. Its good for the body. Play your music on the way to work, play your music in the clinic, while you are studying, while you are working out, while hanging out with friends, just play it! We are about to have a guest on the podcast that I think will dive very deep into the healing power of music. So subscribe to the podcast and stay tuned!

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