The APTA’s Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program: A Review

The APTA’s Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program: A Review

As a physical therapist, I am required to take AT LEAST 30 continuing education units every two years (varies by state). That means I need to seek out and find extra classes (above and beyond my degrees) to keep my knowledge in the field of physical therapy current and relevant. As a lifelong learner, I do not mind this requirement. I actually encourage it. The hardest part is choosing which course to take, which city to take it in, and which friends or family to stay with!  Today’s blog post is all about the course I took this past weekend, the APTA’s Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program: A Review.

The Course

The class was sponsored by The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). I always try to go into any class I am taking with an open mind, and willing to take and learn anything I can from the course. I am always a little guarded and skeptical about APTA courses (just from previous courses and individual study courses I have taken). But overall I was pleasantly surprised by this course. The course ran from 8-5 on a Saturday and 8-4(ish) on Sunday.  We got out a little early based on when we finished our self graded examinations/learning stations.

The two professors where Dr. Manella and Dr. Sheary and were both professors from University of St. Augustine (shout out to one of my alma maters). The ladies did a great job of getting all of us up and interacting with each other. This course had potential to be 150 pages of straight boring power point slides, but the instructors were great.

All of the activities and learning modules allowed for a lot of good collaboration and story telling by the participants. That was some of the best learning for the weekend and I got to meet some very cool clinicians.


Although I already knew many of the teaching and learning aspects due to my work on the educational doctorate, the tools they gave us for documenting on how a student is progressing or not progressing were well worth the price of admission. I would strongly recommend and physical therapist who is even considering taking on students as a clinical instructor take this course early in their career as it will only benefit you and the students immensely.

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