Teaching and Educating

Teaching and Educating

Can you feel the momentum building? Can you palpate the tension in the air? As projected 2018 is going to be a huge year not just for me personally in my growth and journey but for PTEducator.com. The best part is, it all revolves around teaching and educating!

Teaching and Educating
Teaching and Educating

My Why

Simon Sinek has a book “Start with Why”. I have always known my why. I want to help people understand. I just didn’t know how or where. So I started a journey in school to figure it out. So I did. Fourteen consecutive years of school (A blog post for another day). But the odd thing that happened during this journey in school for so long was my mindset on school shifted. I went from wanting to help people learn and understand in the university setting, to alternative settings. I am not completely disqualifying academia, but those of you follow me and have listened to my podcast know my feelings on academia. I just feel like my talents can be better served being used somewhere else (like South Beach…just kidding LeBron).


A terminal degree such as a PhD or an EdD is an amazing tool. It should be commended. I would never wish a terminal degree on my worst enemies. They are a grueling, trying, test of persistency. Its GRIT! There…I said it…You have to be gritty enough to finish. That is why nearly 50% end up A.B.D. (or all but dissertation…a term I learned this year for those who have finished all of their course work but not their dissertation.) But once you have one, it becomes your duty to figure out how to use this tool. Here is a hint: IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE IN A UNIVERSITY SETTING! Just keep that in mind and sit back and watch as my venue unfolds!

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