Teach Your Children Well

Teach Your Children Well

Watching my children grow and learn always reminds me of the Crosby Stills Nash and Young song,”Teach Your Children Well”. My dad always loved this song, and it’s obvious why in that he was an educator. I think he and my mom did an amazing job not only raising my brother and, but on raising us on great music and great musicians.

My Educational Plan

I have to defend my dissertation in the upcoming months. Once that is done, I plan on bringing my talents to the general public in helping educate not only on healthcare literacy but on a bunch of neat topics I find both fun and educational. I hope you will all find them as educational and inspiring as I find them. There will be courses and eBooks and seminars all aimed at living your best life and learning about healthcare. The goal is to take control of your own health. I hope to be the educational inspiration to my children as my parents were for me.


Children can be a great motivator for a lot of things. For me, being the child of two great educators and now having two kids of my own only makes me want to educate even more. I have however learned that I must educate on my own terms in order to be successful. I am not sure I will fit into a traditional academia type roll, but time will tell. If you really want to transfer knowledge, and make sure it is understood, then you have to feel uninhibited. I am just not sure academia in its present form can allow that for me. Given all that I have invested in the world of education, I hope I can be proved wrong at some point, and it may just be about finding the right institution for you, but for now, my search continues as I grow here at PTEducator.com.

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