Teach Me Something Tuesday: Spotlight on Aaron LeBauer

Teach Me Something Tuesday: Spotlight on Aaron Lebauer

Aaron LeBauer is a Cashed Based Physical Therapist Based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. Aaron and I go back many years…all the way to a Duke vs. Wake Forest Rivalry. Unbeknownst to Aaron, I was attending Greensboro Bats games around the same time he was finishing up PT school at Elon.

One of the first things I saw Aaron put out was his FREE WEBINAR. My affiliate link there will take you to that same webinar which first got me interested in cash pay therapy. I then joined Aaron’s Facebook Group called CASH PT NATION.


Aaron also has a podcast called The Cash Pay Lunch Hour. I also had the honor of interviewing Aaron on my own Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast, and the man is just a genuinely good time. Very knowledgeable, very humble, and very smart. I guess that can be expected from a Duke and Elon education. But I think it was his education in massage school that really jump started his business acumen.


Physical Therapy is an amazing profession. It has lead me to so many great contacts, peers, co-workers, and patients. Aaron has gotten me into the world of cash pay physical therapy, but more importantly, he has helped me see how important it is to be present with your patients, no matter how you decided to run your own business. That is one of the greatest parts about doing things your own way. If you want to treat patients one-on-one for an hour, you can. And realistically, your patients deserve that. Healthcare is changing rapidly. Physical Therapy runs the risk of falling by the wayside if we don’t start thinking outside of the box and thinking of new and inventive methods of serving our patients/customers. Aaron epitomizes this method of thinking and could be the next superstar, all-star, rock n roll PT to elevate the field.

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