Teach Me Something Tuesday: #SummerOfMove #FreeTheYoke #MQuattro

Teach Me Something Tuesday: #SummerOfMove #FreeTheYoke #MQuattro

Any of you who follow my social media accounts have seen a plethora of #SummerOfMove posts lately. The Summer Of Move is a movement about movement. It was created by Mike Eisenhart and the Flying Oxen at www.freetheyoke.com. The mission is to get people (some who have already been working out and some who have not) to get moving for the summer in attempts to get healthier. I personally have been eating a relatively healthy eating pattern the last two years thanks to my wife. She has us eating predominantly Whole30 (sometimes a strict 30 days (or more), sometimes just for a few days in a row), but overall, I had lost about 40 pounds in two years. This year, after the birth of our second child, it was time to get serious about my health, and thanks to #SummerOfMove, I have started going to the gym for the first time in 10 years.

The Research

There have been many studies out recently that have shown as little as 20-30 minutes of exercise 2-4 days per week can drastically reduce the risk of chronic disease. For me it was as simple as my father passing away at age 59 from complications with heart surgery. Why was he having heart surgery at 59? Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, you name it, he had it. You would think that would have been a wake up call for me, but it literally didn’t hit me until my wife’s blood pressure skyrocketed during the birth of our son that I realized I wanted to be around on this earth for graduations, weddings, and grandchildren. So after 10 years of not working out, I finally took things to the next level. Time will tell how it all works out, but so far so good.


The human body is an amazing thing and can perform many amazing acts. I set a lifelong personal record (PR) this morning. I rode the bike for 60 min level 4 resistance. I have never used ANY machine for 60 minutes. The moral of today’s story is if I can do it…ANYONE can do it. Keep it simple, and just start moving! #PreachItTeachIt

Bike PR
Bike PR

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