Take Control of Your Health: The Academy Of Prevention And Health Promotion Therapies

Take Control of Your Health: The Academy Of Prevention And Health Promotion Therapies

Today’s Wellfie Wednesday Blog Post is one I have gotten behind full over this last year.  There is anew movement called The Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies (www.aphpt.org) which you may have heard me allude to often. It is lead by Mike Eisenhart and some really amazing minds. I am simply going to repost today’s message:


The American people are sick and hurting, and the American healthcare system has failed them. Half of all Americans in the US are suffering from one or more chronic conditions, which include conditions such as cardiovascular  disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disease (arthritis, back/neck pain, etc), stroke, cancer, obesity, and more. These chronic conditions are responsible for 7 of the top 10 deaths in our country, and account for 86% of our almost $3 trillion dollar annual healthcare spend (healthcare accounting for over 17% of total GDP & growing). Despite the massive spend, people continue to get sicker and sicker and costs continue to climb with no real end in sight. The worst part- many of these chronic conditions share common root causes that are largely preventable and amenable if we are willing to widen our lense to see the bigger picture. Unfortunately, the future appears grim without a major disruption in our current system and mindset regarding healthcare. Enter the Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies. The APHPT is a collaborative of health-facing professionals who are deeply committed to bringing a fundamentally different way to care to the people of our society. APHPT is not a program, product, or system. Rather, it is an ecosystem of action-oriented professionals who believe that we, as a whole, are capable of SO much more, and that the people of our society deserve it.


The Values

We believe that to understand where we are going, we must first understand who we are. This is why APHPT established our four core values- EQUITY, ACTION, AUTHENTIC CONNECTION, and SUSTAINABILITY. With these values as our foundation, we have started to build an infrastructure that allows health-facing professionals to come together and collaborate, learn, grow, and connect with one another to produce actionable steps towards better health for our nation and beyond. As ideas, interests, passions, and talents emerge in our membership, we facilitate the creation of member-led “idea labs”, building a team that can accelerate that idea into action. We share both our successes and our failures so that we can learn and grow together. We cultivate experiences and environments that stimulate knowledge transfer to allow members to begin implementing this mindset into ANY situation or setting immediately. Finally, we believe that to truly make a difference, we need every single person who has the heart and desire to move the needle forward on our population’s health to join us in fighting the good fight. No matter who you are, your profession, your setting, or your experience, we would be humbled and honored to have you as a part of our tribe. Our nation’s health depends on it.

If you are interested in finding out more about APHPT, what we are up to, our membership options, or other resources, check out the website at APHPT.org. You can also check out our social media channels (instagramtwitterfacebook), what our membership package entails here, or join us TONIGHT 9/27 at 9pm EST for our monthly live Twitter chat (details here) by following the hashtag #PopHLTHchat. Also, feel free to contact our membership team- Ali Hartman at alison.hartman@aphpt.org or Alexis Morgan at alexis.morgan@aphpt.org with any questions about APHPT membership!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to CONNECTing! – Ali Hartman


This group is filled with not only brilliant minds, but people and clinicians that generally care about promoting wellness and getting healthier and trying to PREVENT diseases from ever happening as opposed to throwing medications at disease to treat it. Many of you have followed my personal story and my personal journey, and while  am nowhere near my end game, I am much further along then I have even been thanks to the APHPT.org!

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