Aaron LeBauer’s Cash PT Blueprint Book

AARON LEBAUER’S CASH PT BLUE PRINT BOOK For those of you looking to start a cash based physical therapy practice, or for those of you already running one, but looking to level up, my dear friend Aaron LeBauer has a book out all about the ins and outs of a cash pay practice. AARON LEBAUER’S … Read more

Alternative Education

Alternative Education I have recently been diving deep and pushing myself to learn about things that are out of my comfort zone. I have always considered myself a lifelong learner, but this year is a little different. As I come down to the last portion of my educational doctorate, the dissertation, I have realized I … Read more

Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star…Part 3

Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star…Part 3 I have recently been wondering if the field of Physical Therapy needs a Rock N Roll star or a superstar to elevate the field in the eyes of the public. I am sick of hearing how the public doesn’t know what we do. I am sick of hearing … Read more