I’m Back…Back in the New York Grrr……

I’m Back…Back in the New York Grrr…… After the New York Mets win a game, they play this song, “Back In The New York Groove”. Although Ace Frehly of K.I.S.S. fame covered it, little known fact it was originally by a British Group called Hello. Butt Let’s Talk Backs (See What I Did There?) The … Read more

Reframing Low Back Pain

Reframing Low Back Pain This week’s Wellfie Wednesday: Reframing Low Back Pain. Happy #WellfieWednesday! Today’s post is brought to you by Aaron (@AaronPerezPT).      I hate getting a cold. Don’t you? My nose runs, my head and body ache, I sound even more nasally than I normally do. And what I hate the most, there’s … Read more