Mid-Season Form

Mid-Season Form For today’s Throw Me The Ball Thursday Blog Post: Mid-Season Form, we take a moment to reflect. We reflect on how terrible this football season was if you were a Giants fan. We also reflect on how it drove me to do an NBA Podcast while anxiously awaiting baseball season. Podcasts For The … Read more

I’ll Walk The Line

I’ll Walk The Line “Hello Folks, I’m Johnny Cash”. There are not many musicians that are as iconic as Johnny Cash. The nickname (The Man in Black), the voice, the do your own thing attitude. This song has been running through my head a lot lately. Not for the reason the song normally portrays, but … Read more

Do you know about the Pink Socks Tribe? #PinkSocks

Pink Socks

Do you know about the Pink Socks Tribe? #PinkSocks Do you know about the Pink Socks Tribe? #PinkSocks Have you ever come across someone, maybe a healthcare practitioner, wearing a pair of pink socks with black mustaches on them?  If you have, did you start seeing more and more of this pattern? The goal today … Read more