Foodie Friday: Coffee/Caffeine Addiction

Foodie Friday: Coffee/Caffeine Addiction I often tell the story of how I used to be addicted to Diet Code Red Mountain Dew. When I went to Hawaii for a Home Health contract, they did not sell Diet Code Red Mountain Dew over there. So I gave up soda almost completely and started drinking coffee. This … Read more

The Million Dollar Man

The Million Dollar Man The time has come!!! This week Paul Gough is releasing his Profit Blueprint which you can get right HERE through my affiliate link! Today’s theme music sponsored by The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase, and the amazingness that was the 1980’s! Why The WWF Was and Is So Successful SPOILER ALERT: … Read more

Still Crazy After All These Years

Still Crazy After All These Years I celebrated a birthday recently. It wasn’t a “milestone” birthday or anything. I turned 39. Kind of a scary one knowing what is on the horizon. Quite frankly, I have been so busy this year pushing the envelope, that the day kind of came and went unnoticed and unremarkably. … Read more

March Madness Is Easy…

March Madness Is Easy… When your team (*cough*Wake Forest*cough*) doesn’t make the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament…March Madness is Easy…You print out a bracket, crumble it up, and toss it directly in the trash! Thanks Demon Deacons! I used to obsess over the brackets. I would pay to enter anywhere from 2-10 different pools. In … Read more