Wellfie Wednesday: Tacos, Tacos, Tacos

Today’s Wellfie Wednesday: Tacos, Tacos, Tacos, and a little health pointer I brought to the (dinner) table! (See what I did there!?!)

I love tacos…I mean who doesn’t? But if we look at some of the options out there, I can cross Taco Bell off the list instantly, because as I tell my patients, it is one of two restaurants (Hooters being the other one) that simply makes me sick, every time, without fail! Now moving to Texas recently has expanded the list of excellent choices for tacos probably tenfold, but it can still be a difficult choice at the end of the day. Overall, I would say Torchy’s Tacos is my go to choice if we are out and about since we now have one in Waco, but what if we are trying to keep in line with the eating right and the eating healthy initiative and we are cooking these wonderful little delicacies at home?

I like the idea of switching the beef to turkey or shrimp or fish. This is a nice way to get a little healthier protein into your taco. I am going to guess Tony Boloney’s Taco Pizza pictured here is not on the healthy option list.


Tony Boloney’s Taco Pizza











You can ditch the cheese (and if you are on a Whole30 , cheese is not really an option anyway). But my favorite new found switch we have made when making tacos is the “shell”. Again, if on a Whole30, you can switch to lettuce wraps for the “shell”, but if you are just trying to eat on a Paleo eating pattern or are simply looking for other healthy options…you may want to try Guiltless Super Foods “Hippy” Seed Tortillas.

Healthy Gluten Free Tortillas
Guiltless Superfoods Hippy Seed Tortillas


I liked the flavor on these, and they were so soft not dry and cracking like some healthier options out there. The company is based out of Austin, TX and has some other great options we will talk about soon (hello donuts) but if you are ever in the area, or want some shipped to you, check out Guiltless Super Foods.

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