T.G.I…H? (Thank God It’s Hockey)?

T.G.I…H? (Thank God It’s Hockey)?

T.G.I...H? (Thank God It’s Hockey)?
T.G.I…H? (Thank God It’s Hockey)?

Its hockey season! And for that, this post will be entirely based on positive mindset and positive attitudes. For those of you who know me, you know how die hard of a fan I am of my teams. I love the Mets, the Knicks, the Giants, as well as Wake Forest and ECU. However, most of those teams have had a rough 2017. The New York Islanders, are  my one remaining glimmer of hope (that and the whispers and rumors that the Knicks may be for sale soon).

So I love my teams, but they simply do not define who I am and my being. Is the fact that I bleed orange and blue part of my brand, you bet it is. While I may have ATSD (Athletic Team Seasonal Disorder), you can always take positives from every situation.

Always Look On The Brighter Side Of Life (see what I did there?)

The Mets have just hired a new manager, and while I don’t trust pitching coaches who become managers, our team is based off of a young stud pitching staff, so time will tell. The Giants…well, they are terrible. But they will likely end up with some great draft positions next season, and Jerry Reese finally taking responsibility for their failure should guide him towards the exit door soon. The Knicks may finally be for sale from terrible ownership, hopefully ending 20 years of futility. Wake Forest, if they can keep their head at or above .500, can go to a bowl game this year. And last but certainly not least, ECU will finally realize they made a mistake getting rid of their coaching staff and rebuild.


As I break out my Islanders track jack that I could barely zip up a year ago, and is almost too big for me at this point, I realize one thing. Happy, healthy, positivity can take you a really long way. So try to get in a good mindset, stay happy and positive, keep on routine, and most of all, LETS GO ISLANDERS!!!

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