Support The Little Guy (He May be Hustling For a Good Cause)

Support The Little Guy (He May be Hustling For a Good Cause)

A few years ago I had the pleasure of playing a charity round of golf with a good buddy of mine Stephen and two musicians in a “pro-am” style format. The musicians were Tim Brantley and Steve Everett. Steve had a very inspirational post on his Instagram (please click the link and follow him) the other day which I will post here:

Steve Everett
Steve Everett














After an amazing round of golf with Steve and Tim, I realized not only what talented musicians they were, and decent golfers, but just overall good human beings. This post really solidified my stance on Steve Everett. (He has a couple of albums out that you can purchase here (Reciprocity) and here (Central Standards)). Steve’s music is generally fun, bouncy, and inspiring, but so is most of what he puts out into the world. This post stating, “I’m incredible. So are you. Go be incredible. Start now.” is such a positive call to action you can’t help but give him a follow or a listen, or just genuinely want to get to know more about him.

The thing I love most about Steve is his involvement in Rock By The Sea, a charity that puts on several concerts every year to raise money for medical related charities such as for Brain Cancer and Camp Sunshine a camp for children with life threatening illnesses. You can’t help but want this guy to succeed and keep gaining momentum as he has done over the years. So if you feel so inclined, please follow Steve Everett:

Below is me and my wife’s favorite song of his (until he and Brantley release “Cart Girl”) give it a listen!


Support the little guy (he may be hustling for a good cause)…and if he is…double down on him!

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