SNOW-pening Day!

SNOW-pening Day!

Well, the time is almost here. Major League Baseball’s Opening day (or should I say SNOW-pening Day!) Only a week away from the day where every Major League Baseball team has a shot at winning the championship! Only one week away until I can once again talk smack with Jerry Durham and Dave Kittle all season about terrible their teams are and how amazing my team is (despite the fact that all three teams (the Giants, Phillies, AND Mets) were all bottom of the barrel last year. But Opening day is feeling of eagerness, excitement, and most of all hope!

Opening Day Rituals

I generally can’t attend an opening day baseball game, due to the facts that they are usually during the day, in the middle of the week, and I live 90 miles or more from the nearest baseball stadiums. Plus the fact that I have no desire to see the Astros or the Rangers opening day games. But what I will do, is what I do every year, and don my New York Mets For Bare Feet Argyle Crew Socks, my “Even Jesus Hates The Yankees” shirt, and hope and pray that the Mets can finally all stay healthy for once. I will have an additional prayer this year for the snow in New York to melt in time for opening day. Magic 8-ball says outlook not so good.


I will go into more detail on opening day about why I love the game so much, and my story of how I became a Mets fan. But the thing I learned today, is that there is just no other feeling like a season’s opening day. Regardless of the sport. That feeling of maybe this year is our year. If you don’t have a team, I strongly suggest you find one. Pick a team closest to where you grew up, or closest to your town now, or one that dons your favorite color. But pick one, and experience an opening day. It truly is remarkable. #LGM

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