Shake, Shake, Shake…Shake, Shake, Shake…

Shake, Shake, Shake…Shake, Shake, Shake…

I was fortunate enough to attend the National Fantasy Football Conference this weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. I met some amazing athletes, and some really cool people doing amazing things in the world of Fantasy Football. Two of the nicest guys I had the pleasure of meeting were Chris and Glen Gronkowski of the famed Football family, The Gronkowskis. Not only were the guys taking pictures and signing autographs, they were representing their product too!

Shake, Shake, Shake....Shake, Shake, Shake...
Shake, Shake, Shake….Shake, Shake, Shake…

Ice Shaker

Chris Gronkowski has created an interesting product for all of you sports and workout junkies. Its a shake and drink bottle called the Ice Shaker. Keeps drinks cold for 30 hours and still sturdy enough to close and shake. Check the website out to see all of the designs.


I stepped out of my normal role as a physical therapist this weekend. I have been utilizing my knowledge on sports injuries (purchase my course on fantasy football injuries here) to help bring value to The Fantasy Football Counselor’s Podcast. Also, I will be giving weekly injury updates in the Counselor’s Elite Talent Group. You never know where your passion and your career may lead you. You also never know who you will meet and have the opportunity to network with. I truly hope the Ice Shaker business succeeds for the Gronkowskis. I don’t mean this from a monetary stand point, because I am pretty sure they are set there. But just from a good people doing good things stand point.

Ice Shakers even supports the military through Troopster Military Care Packages. So if you get some free time, check out what the Gronks are doing with Ice Shakers and check out what me and The Fantasy Football Counselor Joseph Robert are doing on the podcast! The NFL season is just around the corner, are you ready!?!

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