PT Not a Crossfitter: Day 6

Today was a pretty good day overall. I had off so I got up early and worked out, showered, then got dragged kicking and screaming back into the abyss that is Dissertation Land! I know the outcome will be worth it, I think overall I am just disappointed that I spent all this money to quite possibly (and maybe hopefully) never gain employment in the world of Academia. I really wrestle with this on a daily basis.  And another thing I have noticed…I don’t listen to nearly as much music as I used to, and that really used to make me happy.  So I think I need to get back into that. I remember when I used to cringe at the thought of my mom listening to talk radio, now, its Podcast City on my iPhone every break I can get. I guess its just the lifelong learner in me getting hungry for knowledge.  Sometimes you just need to do as Girl Talk says and “Feed The Animals”

GT FTA.jpg

Day 6

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled
Lunch: pulled pork, homemade compliant teriyaki sauce, broccoli
Dinner: pulled pork, strawberry-red onion-balsamic BBQ sauce, broccoli
(Can you tell I meal prepped for a party of one this week)

Black Theraband rows 3×20
Black Theraband abd pull aparts 3×20
Black Theraband bicep curls 3×20
Black Theraband tricep extensions 3×20
Black Theraband hi-rows 3×20

Mindfullness: Finally downloaded 2 free apps: Calm and Headspace. I am going to try both for a week each and determine which I like better.
Calm day 1: 7 Days of Calm, was 9 minutes, it was water sounds and a lady coaching me through meditating.  Not bad, but a little weird.

Summary: I have started experimenting with apps for meditating and went shopping for some Kettle Bells. I am ready to start real weights! The Therband just isn’t quite enough resistance for now. (PS – If you have never heard Girl Talk…you are missing out.  Anyone who can mash up Biggie Smalls and Elton John is a genius in my book! Go to Girl Talk, all his albums are free for download. You can thank me later.)

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