PT Not a Crossfitter: Day 4

Day 4

Had to get up early to do some PRN (as needed) work at the SNF (skilled nursing facility) today. It is also raining and cold out (almost sleeting) so it is a gloomy kind of day. Its getting down to the nitty gritty for dissertation time, so I am really having to figure out how to ramp up my focus on this thing.

Breakfast: Apple
Lunch: Steak with garlic and shallot puree, mushrooms and onions
Dinner: Beef brisket and garlic roasted broccoli

Activity: Black theraband chest press 3×20
Black theraband chest pull aparts 3×20
Black theraband overhead pull aparts 3×20

Mindfullness: Worked on deep breathing x5 min on edge of bed (still haven’t decided on a meditation app yet, but the deep breathing works)

Summary: Cold and wet sleet kept me from going for a run today, and I need to figure out the music situation. Possibly some bluetooth headphones or something. I just hate running with wires bouncing around and I hate having to bring my phone with me on my runs.





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